Membership Pricing

Pricing is important, and is a major factor for most people when searching for a gym. At GCCF we believe we offer competitive prices with unlimited potential returns on investment.

Foundation Classes – $75 for 2 Weeks

Foundation classes provide the bedrock for a healthy and injury free fitness career. This two week session will cultivate a didactic environment where coaches can provide personalized instruction and immediate feedback, giving athletes the skills necessary for them to feel comfortable and safe in our gen-pop classes. We strongly believe you will benefit from foundation classes no matter how experienced or strong you may be.

  • Experienced individuals may test out of the foundation class during their baseline if they would prefer to transition straight into gen-pop

Gen-Pop Unlimited – $125 a Month

Gen-Pop (short for general population) Unlimited  provides unrestricted access to all classes and open gym hours. The most popular membership.

Gen-Pop 3-Day – $110 a Month

Access to 3 gen-pop classes and unlimited access to open gym hours.

Personal Training Rates- see below!

In addition to our group classes we offer personal training packages for the one on one coach coaching you need. These sessions are scheduled in advance with one of our coaches to fit in your schedule. These sessions offer you the chance to work with a coach in a solo environment. Here we can do personalized programming, nutrition plans, specific technique work, or anything else the client desires for his or her goals. 

One 30 Minute Private Personal Training Session- $30

One 1 Hour Private Personal Training Session- $50

Package of Ten 30 Minute Private Personal Training Sessions- $250

Package of Ten 1 Hour Private Personal Training Sessions- $450

Open Gym – $75 a Month

Unlimited access to open gym hours. For those who prefer to manage their own programming.