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 Our Story

Game Changer CrossFit’s began as a dream…one unseasonably cold Florida night in October 2013, over perhaps more than a few drinks Brett Broderick and Nick Keomuongchanh sat talking. Brett mentioned as nothing more than wishful thinking how great it would be to drop everything and open a gym together. The conversation stopped abruptly as they each pondered wistfully. After pause they laughed, emptied their beverages, poured another and forgot all about it, or so they thought. The next day Brett flew back to Arizona and continued his day job but Nick couldn’t shake the idea. It grew and grew into an obsession that he eventually confessed to his wife Brittany Keomuongchanh. To his utter surprise she had the same desire! They began saving and planning in all their spare time. When Nick finished his term with the Air Force in June 2014 they leapt on the opportunity to fulfill their daring, crazy, wild dream of opening a box. With a lot of hard work and dedication they opened doors in November 2014.

Game Changer CrossFit (GCCF) is a CrossFit affiliate located in Orange Park, Florida. Our team of coaches will change the game of the fitness industry as we know it. Our success stems from the ability to offer a complete strength and conditioning program for athletes of all demographics. We are uniquely qualified being one of ten CrossFit Football certified gyms in the state of Florida, and the only certified gym in the Jacksonville area. We know what it takes to build a complete athlete.



Our Philosophy

The current fitness industry is lack of proper coaching, accountability, and no sense of community. Gyms are too interested in having the latest machines and protein shakes instead of increasing fitness. At a typical gym far too many people walk into a gym with headphones on and proceed to workout for the next hour without talking to a single other member. With this behavior their is no incentive to go to the gym, no friends to disappoint if you don’t show, no one to encourage you to do that last set, no one to congratulate you on that new PR.


Community is everything at Game Changer. When you walk into our box, everyone knows your name. This community fosters a sense of accountability and drives members to push themselves and encourage each other. GCCF is a family, we workout together and play together.

At GCCF we don’t use machines, we build machines. We offer world-class coaching for general population classes, advanced athletes, military prep classes, and coaching for competitive athletes and teams in their respective sport.


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